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I was really shocked to see that there were no blogs for YMAS quotes. They say funny shit. So yeah! Submit any I miss! and if anyone wants to join and help this blog, be my guest! just shoot me an ask or something with your email! Enjoiii

Josh: Deleted, okay, sorry, my mistake, I thought I had a choice!
Simon: So does Josh often talk to his phone as though it’s a friend?
Matt: He talks to himself while he’s trying to operate a phone to take a picture, but then he can’t delete the picture, and then he tries to take it again. Look at him! Look at how much effort is going into this face. Look at his concentration. Now let’s see if he can tweet it without the help of someone like me. 
Josh: I can tweet it. You’ve just gotta say ‘add picture’ in your tweet.
Matt: Have you?
Simon: What’s the odds of him completing this task?
Matt: Dunno.
Simon: None!
Matt: Yeah, slim to none. Slim. See, he hasn’t done it yet, normal people would’ve done it by now.
Josh: I am! I’m trying to include @Kerrang in it so they feel loved.
Matt: So they feel loved…
Simon: We don’t want your pity!
Josh: I’m gonna leave the location on so we all know where it is.
Matt: Ooooh add location!
Josh: What’s your thing, Matt?
Matt: @Mattymas. You don’t even know that? I know your one! 
Josh: Everyone knows my one.
Matt: Ohhhh everyone knows Josh’s one, I’m sorry!

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I say it a lot, and I don’t want it to end up sounding redundant, but time after time I am made to realise that without our fans, our sixers, our FRIENDS, thats right, YOU GUYS, we are sweet FA.
Josh Franceschi.
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Pineapples haunt me these days.
I’ve got NO confidence when it comes to chicks!
Dan:Lots of partying....not too much though. A healthy amount of partying.
Josh:We're not allowed to drink on Warped cuz we're not 21 but we're gonna do it anyway. So come and try to catch us Warped Tour people.
Dan:Oohhhh call the police, the feds, the LAPD, the it? Yeah that's the one. What a silly name.
Josh:We're arrestable. We're so damn gnarly, we should be arrested.
Dan:We're so gnarly, we're like Snoop Dogg
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Josh: This next album is gonna be a lot about me and Max’s addiction to.. it’s quite a serious problem actually..
Max: It’s no laughing matter.
Josh: It really isn’t, it’s not funny at all. Me and Max have really been struggling as of late because the new FIFA game came out and it’s been hard, hasn’t it?  

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I met Katy Perry and she called me a twelve year old, and I was like “cool”.

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yeah we try to on most but if you want the links to any that weren’t posted with it, i could post them

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Interviewer: Now obviously you’re both virgins.
Josh: Yeah.
Interviewer: Wait a minute! To the T4 set, I was gonna say but…

T4 Interview.

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